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Friday Favorites

uh. hello.

i’ve been seriously neglecting both my blogs. my bad.

i feel like this one needs a makover just as much as i feel like my work site needs a sense of direction. part of me wants to use “i’ve been busy” as an excuse, but i know that’s not the only thing keeping me away. the need to get organized and find my words (i know i have them) is what’s been keeping me in hiding.

i have so much to say, but sometimes i get shy. who wants to read what i have to say, anyway? do i have anything useful to share? mmm. i’m not always sure.

but this isn’t a new feeling to me … it’s just one i have to get over.

i’m working on it. i’ve got a blog schedule for Hello Nifty started and one in the works for this site. i have some ideas of a redesign, a redirection, a revival of sorts.

i miss writing. i miss connecting. i miss being a part of something.

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adelie penguin antarctica

it’s no small secret around my house and with my family that i love penguins. i think they’re adorable and awesome. i have a fair number of penguins in my collection, from pajama pants to Christmas decorations to stuffed animals. (though, if i’d have to choose, i’d say the octopus is still my most favorite animal ever.)

Penguin Logos



penguin trek

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Dog Stars

I love winter. I love the crisp, cold air and how it makes the sky heavy and full with stars. I may not love that it gets dark so early, but I can generally appreciate that in that darkness, I will always find a beautiful landscape of stars.

Falling Star over Convict Lake


Even when I’m freezing as I press my face up against the glass of our car window, craning my neck to see the slow, full arch of the Milky Way flow across the black overhead, there is a warm fuzzy feeling as I stare in awe at all the little burning lights in the sky—each one individually made and delicately placed in the heavens by God. Only He has counted them and knows them all by name. I can’t even pretend to remember more than a handful of constellations, but I can always trust in the One who put each one where they belong.

The Whole Night Sky

I’m also looking at the stars for inspiration as I plan a couple of personal projects for the New Year. Stay tuned!

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more photos of elisha, of course!

8 months 8 months

8 months


8 months baby e with papa

baby e with papa and yusuke baby e with papa and yusuke

baby e with papa

baby e with papa

elisha @ 8 months

over this past week, elisha stood up on his own once. he also stood without holding onto any furniture for a little less than a minute, chewing intently on a book. he regularly uses his baby bjorn little potty. he loves trains, lions, and food. he also loves books. he’s finally started on his consonants, preferring b’s and m’s with a smattering of n’s and k’s. if he could string his favorite “buh!” and “kkkkk” together, he’d say “book” for his first word! he does say “mama” and whispers “papa,” but i don’t think he’s made the connection that they refer to his parents yet. maybe. it’s hard to tell.

he signs milk on his own, but only when he’s already eating. if i sign it to him, he gets too excited and dive bombs for my chest if it’s close enough to his face. so, he knows it, but he’s not up to signing it himself. oh well. heehee.

he’s very good at playing by himself, but he still loves to be held. everyone who sees him calls him a happy baby—he smiles at most strangers all the time. he likes to make eyes at the ladies, especially. we’ll have to lock him in the basement one day.

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the cold weather is setting in and mornings are dark. i long to stay in bed, nestled between my sleeping hubby and sleeping baby. i want to cozy up in blankets. i drink more coffee. i turn on the space heater.

here’s a little warm and fuzzy for the weekend:

Cup Of Coffee!

Hot cocoa

coffee or tea-final versions 02

warm warm

Staying Warm


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Hawaiian Rainy bokeh

Flickr Bokeh The ball, the flare and the bokeh - #1 in Explore

Bokeh lights Thursday my love for bokeh

Christmas trip 8. Bokeh volcano

Stop in the name of Bokeh!

Bubble Bokeh

Christmas Light Bokeh

i love bokeh photography. the soft depth of field is enchanting.

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yes, i know, it’s probably bad form to use your own photos as favorites, but as you can see, someone is trying to hurry their way through infancy and onto toddlerhood. Elisha is learning to stand and starting to cruise at almost 7 months (he’ll be “officially” 7 months old next wednesday). also, without a doubt, he’s one of my favorite things (read: person) in the whole world.

i can do it myself caught me!

out of the dryer pile of diapers no hands


look ma, no hands

one handed almost there

yep, i can do this ta day!

ready to go

and, of course, another example of my favorite things—cloth diapers. clockwise from left: megaroos extended-tab prefolds, a dinosaur goodmama, a sustainablebabyish snapless one sized fitted, thirsties diaper covers, green mountain diaper red-edged organic cotton prefolds, softbums organic bamboo velour inserts, and sustainablebabyish bamboo fleece doublers.

p.s. yes, my son has mastered “the look” at 6.75 months. it’s true. you know it. i know it.

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