— sojourning, us

  • Erin F

    I love it! And when you get your press up and running (and I finish working on MY logo, lol) I may have some business for you. :)

    • http://niftysmith.wordpress.com/ niftysmith

      Yay. Well, I was going to be asking you if you’d ever like to come up with pieces to print. I love your print work and some of your stuff would look fantastic as letterpress printed pieces. We should totally collaborate!

  • http://www.with2nsdesigns.com Dannielle

    Yay!! That’s an awesome name! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for your kickstarter! I know it’s a lengthy process and it’s not always fun but I think this press will give you some great opportunities. :)

    • http://niftysmith.wordpress.com/ niftysmith

      Thanks, Dannielle. Yeah, seeking financing has been a long process that I should’ve started months ago … But I had no idea we’d be purchasing a letterpress in August or that I’d suddenly get actually busy with client work. Hopefully, we’ll get enough to get the ball rolling if Kickstarter ever gets back to me about my application.