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First Fruits!

Well, despite having to give my tomato plants some major attention (they may both be infected with bacterial speck; I’m waiting to see if the dark lesions on leaves reappear on the upper branches that are now out of the shade/moisture of my bushy cucumbers), I will say we have a successful garden. I picked my first cucumbers the other day and there’s four peppers slowly changing color that I can’t wait to eat. Some banana peppers are growing and there’s at least one eggplant on it’s way to shiny fatness. I’m excited.

Elisha had fun carrying the prized cucumbers around the house for a while, though even with all his molars growing in, he’s not quite sure what to do with a bite of their crispiness in his mouth. He tends to gnaw on it for a while and then spit everything out all over the floor and his person. I am not amused by this, but the dog thinks it’s fantastic every time.

It’s also very, very hard to get a busy 15-month old to stand still for photographs any more. He used to be such a ham for the camera, but now he wants to be coy or shy or just try to grab the thing out of my hands. Oh well, such is the life of a busy toddler.

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