— sojourning, us

Friday Favorites: WORDS.

uh. hello.

i’ve been seriously neglecting both my blogs. my bad.

i feel like this one needs a makover just as much as i feel like my work site needs a sense of direction. part of me wants to use “i’ve been busy” as an excuse, but i know that’s not the only thing keeping me away. the need to get organized and find my words (i know i have them) is what’s been keeping me in hiding.

i have so much to say, but sometimes i get shy. who wants to read what i have to say, anyway? do i have anything useful to share? mmm. i’m not always sure.

but this isn’t a new feeling to me … it’s just one i have to get over.

i’m working on it. i’ve got a blog schedule for Hello Nifty started and one in the works for this site. i have some ideas of a redesign, a redirection, a revival of sorts.

i miss writing. i miss connecting. i miss being a part of something.

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