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Tutorial Tuesday: Upcycled T-Shirt Tutorial Roundup

We have a big pile of clothes and other junk from our closets taking up a lot of space in our bedroom right now; it’s all waiting for that trip to Goodwill that we haven’t taken yet. I recently went through the mound of clothes and dug up a bunch of old tshirts that Justin and I don’t wear anymore. I cut them up and made scarves out of them. Eventually, I’ll probably list them up on my Etsy shop.

Because I’m so much in love with Pinterest, I’ve found a lot of great, crafty tutorials there. So, if you have a bunch of t-shirts that you don’t wear, give some of these a try. Oh, and if your shirts are stained, why not hand dye them or dip-dye them while you’re at it?

Here are some of my favorite tutorials for reusing old t-shirts:

So, yeah, if you get the itch to clean out your closets like we did, you don’t have to send all your t-shirts to Goodwill!


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