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Baby Eli, just born.

one month old

two months!

three months

Elisha is 4 months old!

5 months

six months!

yep, i can do this nom nom nom

baby e with papa 8 months

9 months!

yup, i'm 10 months old. Woah. Where did 11 months go?

Elisha's First Birthday!

Elisha's First Birthday!

Elisha's First Birthday!

I’m still finding it hard to believe that a year has gone by already. I can still remember labor. And delivery. I can still remember the first few weeks. I remember so much of this year, but I also can admit it’s been a bit blurry. Fast. Fleeting. Beautiful.

Elisha is walking. Talking. Laughing. Playing. Eating. Growing. Exploring. Cuddling. Loving. He’s been an absolute joy.

We love cloth diapering. Twelve solid months of cloth diapers and I really, really believe more people should give them a try. No epic blowouts. No serious leaks. No stinkies. No diaper rash. Just a bit of extra laundry here and there. Cloth diapers are easy, not scary … though I will admit Elisha goes more in the potty than he does in his diapers these days. Elimination communication has been amazing, interesting, and fun. It’s not about potty training early, either. It’s about meeting needs. I still love our fluff, even if more of our fluff has turned into training pants than new diapers. We’ve settled on our favorites (cloth diaperers call this “stash nirvana”), and those include Green Mountain Diaper’s Clotheez prefolds and prefitteds, GroVia All-in-One diapers (with snaps), and Sustainablebabyish snapless multi-sized bamboo fitteds.

Elisha wears Hannah Andersson organic cotton training pants around the house, though on days we have too many misses (like when he’s teething or hitting milestones like walking), he wears a diaper instead. We have pretty much made the transition to going coverless, but he’ll sometimes hang out in wool so no one gets too wet if he’s too busy playing to let us know he needs to pee.

We still love breastfeeding. I always figured we’d wean by now, but I’ve since changed my mind. He doesn’t really like cow’s milk, and I know his little growing brain needs all the healthy fat it can get to grow into a processing machine of awesomeness. When he signs milk or points and asks for “naa-naah” (his own made up word for milk), we’re communicating now. It’s pretty amazing. No, he doesn’t sleep through the night yet. No, I’m not always a fan of his acrobatics while nursing. But, I don’t believe a baby has to sleep through the night at this age to be “normal” and we both still manage to get plenty of rest.

He really is a joy. A light. A blessing from the Lord in so many ways neither of us can entirely put into words. An enhancement to our lives that I don’t think either of us really could have imagined. Waking up to baby smiles is the best feeling ever.

We’ve watched him grow and change from a tiny little newborn to a walking, talking almost toddler for these past 365 days, only to have him grow us and change us on the inside in ways I never imagined.

Happy birthday, Elisha Paul. Mama and Papa love you.

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Yummy food. Yummy food.

Would I lie about how much I like food?

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