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February, 2011 Monthly archive

no, really, it did.

11 months has flown by. it’s been a falling star—streaking across the sky in all it’s wonderful bright goodness, only to fade from view before you can catch your breath. it’s been a flash in the pan—the smoke is in your nostrils before you’re even finished blinking. i’m left clinging to my memories (and photos) of a squishy newb like waking up from a dream and trying to keep it in your thoughts all day long. it goes by so fast. everyone told me it would, but secretly i tried not to believe them.

here. soak it in. gloat a little. you were all so very right.

Woah. Where did 11 months go?

9 months of pregnancy felt like eternity. like watching all three of the Lord of the Rings movies in one sitting (mind you, i like them, but i am not a marathoner when it comes to movies … i tend to fall asleep). the last month of carrying Elisha in my belly felt like the longest possible stretch of time any human being should be made to endure this side of eternity (not that anything in heaven will be labeled under the category of “enduring” … that will all be “enjoying” i’m sure). still. seriously.

i am still in shock that in less than 30 days, my sweet baby who i can still remember birthing will be a whole friggin’ year old.

where does the time go?

let me tell you: it went to nursing. to fluffy cloth diapered bottoms. to snuggling. to laughing. to growing. to rolling. to crawling. to eating. to sleeping. to more nursing. to clapping. to grinning. to pointing. to dressing. to bathing. to teething. to over-tired crying. to rocking. to reading. to more reading. to more crying. to smiling. to more nursing. to almost walking. to some talking. to … wow. yeah. you get the picture.

in December, i quit my job to become self-employed. that is still … brewing. things have gotten started, but i still feel like i 1) have lost my personal style and must find it again and 2) have a lot to catch up on if i want to really “be myself” out in the business world. i’m intimidated, but in a good way. it’s like going back to school again only i can do it in my pajamas while taking naps with my baby on occasion. (okay, every day. sssh. don’t tell the boss—oh wait, that’s me … hahaha.)

anyway, these past two months (almost three) since i’ve been home with hubby and Elisha have gone by even faster than the previous 9 months of baby-dom. we’re around each other all the time and it’s good but challenging in a sometimes i-don’t-know-why-i-did-this-to-myself sort of way. and yet, i wouldn’t want it any other way. i don’t think i can ever go back to being employed in any other fashion, and i’ve only just started this journey of working for myself.

okay, back to the baby.

he’s probably going to walk before his birthday.

he says words. well, he signs one. he signs milk. he’s a boob man. he also says boob. yes. there, internet, there is your one piece of blackmail on me. my child’s first words revolve around breastfeeding. i laugh. i think it’s cute. other people may not. still, he’s always been a hungry babe and that part has not changed (with the exception of his love for solid food … oranges and grapes in particular). he also says “nigh-nigh” for bedtime and sometimes will even honor us with a “mama” or a “dada” or a “papa” when he feels so inclined.

i’m aware that he’s setting the bar just a little high for his future siblings.

just a little.

wow. look. i wrote a long blog post. time to go reward myself with some hot chocolate.

did you miss me?

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