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sleepy sunday

it always feels lovely to take a nap on Sunday after church and a yummy lunch. always—no matter how much work there is to be done, it’s so worth it to take a time out before getting it all done.

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halloween 2010

halloween 2010

halloween 2010

we did dress up, but i don’t have any photos. and it was actually last weekend—we went to a party at a friends’ apartment. Elisha was a Pokemon (Chimchar), and we dressed up wacky to be his trainers. it was pretty fun.

this weekend, we took a drive to Roanoke on Saturday and found this antique remake of the Ecto 1 from the Ghostbusters movies. of course, we had to stop.

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… but i think it’ll work.

we’ll be purchasing this book and this potty (obviously not in pink) this weekend. we already use cloth diapers, but i’ve been curious about elimination communication since i first started researching cloth diaper brands and practices. i will admit i was skeptical of the idea of EC when i read about it, especially because i knew i would be returning to work leaving Elisha in my husband’s care while away. even if EC sounded like something we both were interested in, neither of us were really sure we could EC full time.

now, 7 months into parenthood, we’ve talked about it on and off with idle curiosity. does it work? is it possible? even now? Eli has very definite cues, at least when he’s going to poop in the morning. he’s had his fair share of ninja poops, for sure, but he generally only goes once a day before i go to work. it’s possible we could learn together how to “catch” that in a potty instead of in a diaper. wouldn’t that be amazing but crazy? i agree.

i know how much he hates to be in a dirty diaper. as soon as he goes, he reaches for me and wants cleaned up.

now, he could sit in a wet diaper all day, but from what i’ve read about EC, this is something that can be “relearned.” no one really likes to be wet, but babies learn to consider it normal because diapering is part of our culture.

i mean, how long do most babies sit around in a disposable with all of its absorbent gel? hours! in cloth, Elisha hardly ever sits around long in any diaper, but he still doesn’t often complain when wet. sometimes, he’ll be a bit more fussy or reluctant to sit down, but he doesn’t cry as soon as he wets.

part of elimination communication is learning your baby’s signals—their “cues” to let you in on the fact that they’ve either gone, are about to go, or feel the urge. you as the parent react to those signals with cues of your own once your child is over a potty—making a sound they learn to associate with using the bathroom.

i think that’s pretty brilliant.

of course we’d still use our cloth diapers on outings and at night. we’ll probably only really get to attempt EC part-time or occasionally. i think opening up that communication between us and Elisha will help with potty learning down the road.

wow, i wrote more than i thought i would.

it’s okay to think we’re crazy for even considering this—i think most people are crazy for NOT even considering cloth diapers! so, we’re even if you use disposables.

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Hawaiian Rainy bokeh

Flickr Bokeh The ball, the flare and the bokeh - #1 in Explore

Bokeh lights Thursday my love for bokeh

Christmas trip 8. Bokeh volcano

Stop in the name of Bokeh!

Bubble Bokeh

Christmas Light Bokeh

i love bokeh photography. the soft depth of field is enchanting.

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dear blog,

i miss you, too. please stop making me feel guilty in the middle of the night. you and i both know things are busy right now, but that means that better things are in the works for both of us. thanks for your patience. i’ll be back soon.


p.s. some of those new things include updates to my etsy shop and portfolio. stay tuned.

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random saturday-ness

this week’s we scout wednesday from scoutie girl is about passing on creativity to those who come after us. it’s rather timely, considering my little man is officially seven months old today. it’s been quite the adventure, watching more and more of his personality peek through each day, being blessed to see him become an individual with his own wants and interests, even while still a baby.

he’s already a curious, spirited boy. he’s been curious since day one, always looking, always observing. now that he’s older and more mobile, he wants to touch, to experience. he’s into everything—nothing on he floor is safe from his unhindered investigation. this can be both good and bad. he’s learning new skills, but he also has no concept of danger. he’s fallen off the bed. he’s put electrical cords in his mouth. he’s poked the dog in ways the dog didn’t like to be poked. still, as parents, it’s been our responsibility to keep him safe. to set boundaries. to put things away that might be harmful.

still, even now, we want to encourage his curiosity, to grow it.

Elisha comes from creative stock, if you will—i’m a graphic designer and the hubbs is a musician and producer. the boy has both audio and visual influences in his very genetic code. who knows where it will lead as he grows? he already likes, no loves, music. it makes him dance as much as it lulls him to sleep.

we have a responsibility to leave his path open, to let him choose the direction in life he wants to take as he grows. it will be hard to be unbiased in our education of his artistic sensibilities. what if he wants none of it? we have to be accepting of that, too.

however, creativity isn’t limited to drawing or painting or playing an instrument. creativity is a process—one can be just as much a creative mathematician as they can a creative soccer player or a creative engineer. creativity is a state of mind, a way of living. it’s an appreciation for interacting with the world around us in a unique and special way. a perspective. a part of each of our worldviews that must be cultured and nourished.

i hope we can pass on the understanding that creativity knows no bounds, that no one needs to be pigeon-holed. i hope we can pass on the understanding that failure is okay through sharing our trials, our short-comings, and our solutions. i hope we can pass on the understanding that all good things take time, from the process of sanctification spiritually speaking to the making of a cake to the layout of a successful website to the score of a catchy tune.

my desire for Elisha, as well as his siblings who are hoped for but yet to be, is that he grows up in a home that values quality over quantity, contemplation over consumption, and creativity over conflict.

as a parent, i’m now responsible for how the “next generation” thinks and acts. i’m now part of either the solution to our current issues or part of the problem. it’s both a blessing and a burden, but one that’s made more beautiful by the snuggles and smiles of that future i’m investing in the shape of an adorable little boy.

Sleepy monkey

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