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hangin' in his hoodie

hangin' in his hoodie

hangin' in his hoodie

hangin' in his hoodie

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yesterday, before heading out in the pouring rain to head to work, i pulled on my beloved purple all-weather jacket and realized that i could actually zip it closed. last fall (and winter), i was pregnant. not only was i well-rounded in the belly by this time of year, but i was hot. ridiculously hot. all the time.

this year, i have a closet full of maternity sweaters that didn’t get that much wear and a few lightweight jersey cardigans.

it’s time to think about how cold i’ll probably be now that my hormones are basically back to a “normal” sort of level (though, i’m still happily keeping my period at bay. over 15 months now without a visit from my monthly un-friend. yay for breastfeeding).

okay, so, i’m really really loving the long sweater look, especially the open cardigans with pockets. i’m long-legged and “tall,” but i’m no longer quite the stick i was in high school. maybe i’m a bit fashion-uneducated, but i think the tunic-length sweaters really help me out. especially when they’re unbuttoned and loose. i could be totally wrong, and i’m willing to accept that much … but i still like the sweaters.

i have just recently opened myself to leggings and dresses (thank you, pregnancy). so, there’s some cute sweater dresses out there i’d be willing to give a go.

i’ve only looked at the places that send me emails to let me know they have a sale because i don’t really have a clothes budget at all, but here’s some of my current inspiration:

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tara from scoutiegirl asked her readers for this week’s we scout wednesday why we all choose to DIY. in light of our convenience-based, disposable culture, there are so many reasons why i choose to do things myself and buy handmade where i can. i will admit, i’m not perfect—there are plenty of things in my house that are (for the moment) not handmade and not made by me. however, making changes is a process, and a process i enjoy.

i love to make things. i’ve been drawing since i could hold a crayon. i’ve been building things, putting things together, taking things apart, figuring them out all my life. i love the work. i love learning. i love the result.

01-26 baby mobile

finished mobile

snowed-in sewing weekend

i didn’t always know how to sew. i didn’t always know how to bake. i didn’t always know how to write HTML/CSS. i didn’t always know Photoshop like the back of my hand.

i’m a hands-on person. in general, i tend to approach life hands first, though i’ll admit that doesn’t always go in my favor.

when it comes to doing things myself, from crafting to graphic design, i enjoy the creative process. that’s the challenge, the fun. it keeps me going. that spark of inspiration that turns into a baby mobile, a series of prints, a website, a drawing, a card, or a freshly baked loaf of bread.

02-28 almost done

i make things when i can because i believe i’m called to live a life that’s counter culture. i’m to be in the world, but not of it. i’m to respect the resources i’ve been given—my planet as well as my money, my neighbor as well as myself.

1 corinthians 13 prints

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there are some really great sites devoted to typographic theory on the web as well as in print. some sites address one over the other or both, but all of them are also great places to see examples of well-used typography:

five simple steps to better typography by mark bouillon, whose entire five-step guide is a good read:

type theory is a well-designed site with lots of great type resources:

five simple ways to improve web typography by webdesigner depot, which is an all-around nice resource for web design, not just typography.

12 examples of paragraph technology by jon tan, who always has great links and interesting articles.

i love typography is, obviously, for people like me.

typographic offers reviews of both type and books, interviews designers, and has its own foundry.

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from the day i went into labor with the boy, Elisha has never asked me—will never ask me—if i’m ready. i went into labor before i was even 40 weeks. he wanted his own birthday. he got one.

Elisha is crawling. the pediatrician says he might be an early walker. i don’t know if i’m ready for a walking baby. we’re hardly ready for a crawling one … he’s into everything, from computer cords to dog toys. anything and everything other than his actual playthings. i mean, he’s been looking at those for six months already … why look at them now? if he’s sitting still, he wants to be standing. he can’t pull himself up yet, but he’s working on it. walking early? oh my …

Elisha has two teeth. the bottom ones. and more on the way. he loves food, though he’d rather just shove the spoon in his mouth all by himself. finger foods, well, we’re working on that. i’m the one who’s behind. i’m a little nervous about just handing over little chunks of food, even if i’m darn sure my chewing, gumming, eager boy could handle whatever was put in front of him with a gusto that would put me to shame.

as i said last week, i’m the one who’s not ready. it’s going by so fast. and yet, there are things i think i’m ready for … or at least am ready to prepare for.

i still agonize over what i feel i’m missing, being away from home.

it’s my turn for my own baby steps.

tonight, i ordered a couple of books (this one, this one, and this one, too) that i’ve had on amazon for a while. books that should help me get a hold of the big cloud that’s floating over my head—all my doubts and fears about freelancing, about going it on my own … about working from home. sooner rather than later.

i’ve been thinking a lot about who i am. or who i want to be. or who i wanted to be. or who i’m going to be. i’ve been thinking about my niche. my target audience. those thoughts have consumed me a lot these past few days, though i’m not really sure what the answers will mean for my work or my blogging. i’m here on this blog just to be here, but i do genuinely want my work to speak to someone. i do feel the need to really push myself, to really seek the kind of community i know is out here in blogland. i want to find it, to help build it, to bring what i can to it. to whoever i can.

not just anyone, i suppose. although, i do believe that the Gospel is universal even when what i do is not.

it will mean a few changes, both in my writing and in my creating. i have a lot of stuff up my sleeves, but i just need to figure out how to put it all into action. it’s hard. i’m new to this.

i’m new to a lot of things. motherhood. self-employment stuff. planning. (i suck at planning.)

so, i’m taking baby steps. one step at a time over the next few months, steps that will hopefully be a move in the right direction for our family, for our future, for my husband, for me, and for our baby. i’m really just as excited as i am nervous. ever since graphic design school, i’ve had a dream to work for myself. it’s probably about time i actually get on that, isn’t it?

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random saturday-ness

random saturday-ness random saturday-ness

random saturday-ness

random saturday-ness

random saturday-ness

random saturday-ness

random saturday-ness

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friday favorites: fluffy clouds

sometimes, you just need to look up, breathe deeply, and watch the clouds go by. this week has been one of those weeks.

Cuba Gallery: Tropical island palm tree / sun / sunlight / light / clouds / sea / sunset / natural light / retro / beach / ocean / wave / water ripple / vintage / summer / photography

Red Poppies And A Dramatic Sunset Sky Snow melted long time ago...

Sky Window

East side storm clouds above rabbitbrush

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