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August, 2010 Monthly archive

one of my favorite things about “teh internets” is just how available other peoples’ amazing work is. i love that i can be inspired and educated all from one place. not only can i find great typography to get the gears turning on a project, but i can find practical tutorials to help me make my own design better. here are a few of my favorites—some are tried and true and some are waiting in the wings for a spare moment:

Colorful Glowing Text Effect from Tutorial 9

i haven’t followed this tutorial yet, but i’m dying to see what i can come up with. it looks so lovely and etherial.

A Quick Glass Effect from PSDTuts

this tutorial has been helpful in the office at least once for a client.

A Quick Gold Effect with Bonus Mini-Tutorials by PSDTuts

so has this one. metallic type has been requested more than once and i find myself coming back to these tutorials again and again.

Combining Type with Helvetica from FontShop

while not a text effect, i found this a great read. really useful tips for working with what sometimes feels like the most popular font ever next to … uh … um … papyrus? comic sans? lol. just kidding.

Using Light and Shade to Bring Text to LIfe via PSDTuts

great tutorial for both type and 3D objects. love this one.

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i thought i should share, considering i rambled on about it today:

this week’s meals (m-f; we eat out once a week during the week and sometimes on the weekends):

  • gyoza and rice w/peas
  • crock pot lasagna
  • oven-baked enchiladas
  • soy-ginger salmon

i also make bread throughout the week and we have sandwiches for lunch—either lunch meat i’ve bought at the store or pb&j (or, my favorites pb&b[anana] instead). breakfast for me is oatmeal with fruit or museli with yogurt and fruit. hubby eats cereal, granola bars, or sometimes oatmeal with me. i wish i had time to cook eggs for breakfast, but i don’t. it’s sad but true.

okay, there ya go. i have next week’s written out, too, but i’ll save that for later. ha!

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so, if there’s anything i exceedingly fail at as a wife and mother, it’s definitely meal planning. in the four years of our marriage, i have said many, many, many times that YES, of course i would start writing out a weekly meal plan so we could shop more efficiently and eat better. of course i would make an itemized list of necessary ingredients and cook accordingly. of course i knew what we could make to have leftovers for lunch, etc. ad infinitum.

well. let me just say that i’m pretty sure we ate out almost every night of my first trimester. food apathy coupled with lack of direction led to just a dismal affair. it saved us both from tears and suffering. trust me, it did.

fast forward five months post-partum and i’m still not on the bus.

the wheels may be turning, but it just has been so hard for me to find the inspiration.

i take that back. there is plenty of inspiration thanks to the internet. i have bookmarked so many websites that it’s bordering on the pathetic—crock pot recipes here; quick, healthy snacks there; easy meals over there; and the lists go on. have i used them?


do i want to?


so, my issue isn’t inspiration—it’s motivation.

i know it needs to be done, but sometimes i just don’t think i have the time to do it. sometimes i just don’t know if i can keep it up so i don’t bother starting. sometimes i just … yeah. just don’t.

we recently reevaluated our budget. with the littlest monkey on the verge of starting solids, it’s time for me to get going on this whole meal planning business and make a point of getting this family eating well-balanced meals. we could save money that way, too. eating out sure does add up! it doesn’t take long.

now that i have comments on my site enabled, if there’s anyone out there that reads this and plans their meals weekly, monthly, whatever … how do you do it? why do you do it? and what are some of your best tips for this newbie willing to work hard at getting it right?

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we haven’t gotten much sun here this week. today is actually the first day it’s been sunny in the morning. so, here’s some bright yellows and subtle yellows and cool yellows to remind me (and you) just how sunny things can be:

Yellow is my favorite color!

banana-antlers Rococo - Cotton and Merino Knit Wrap Shawl - Tickled Pink Knits - CUSTOM COLORS

It's called "Dreamy yellow" in the color charts

Feather Table Runner 1.8m 71inch handprinted on Eco Friendly Linen - Taupe Mustard Cream

Plum and Yellow Hand Blown Glass earrings - Copper earwires Home Sweet Home - letterpress print 8x10

eco friendly palm tree clutch in sunshine yellow

Lemon Yellow Recycled Glass Sterling Silver Necklace - Custard Fox on a Bike - Gold Unisex Shirt - American Apparel - Free Shipping - Available in XS, S, M, L, XL

Untitled by torpore, on Flickr

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Rainbow (surprise) Cake

rainbow (surprise) cake by daily poetics

i posted earlier this week about finding balance after admitting i haven’t yet figured that out. judging by the singular lack of responses, i’m either 1) talking to myself here or 2) not alone in my current internal struggles. while i’m prone to guess the former, i’m also sure i’m not the only one who feels this way.

right now, i feel so thin. stretched thin. almost transparent. but tight like a drum, ready to burst. wife, mother, provider. these things mixed together are a dangerous cocktail threatening to explode my concept of the time-space continuum out of the water at any moment. simply put: i do not always feel like there is enough of me to go around.

there isn’t.

there never will be.

and yet, somewhere in my heart, i firmly believe there is a third option. there is another path. an alternate route. it exists because i see people living it out every day here on the internet.

it just feels so out of my reach.


surely, i can have my cake and eat it, too. surely, i can be a mother and a wife and a designer and a maker all at once. surely, i can do this from the comfort of home without starving, without letting the bills pile up, and without sacrificing our savings to the cause. i believe this is possible, again, because i have seen it—in other peoples’ lives.

let me pause here to say that in the spirit of “take that, thursday,” i am very, very grateful for the job that i have now. it’s a great job with great people and great benefits. these people understand family and the occasional chaos it brings to every day life. it’s satisfying, creatively and professionally speaking, BUT. there is always a “but” when i look ahead down the road.

but, i’d rather be working from home, even just a few days a week … if not full time.

but, i think that our clients’ needs can be met satisfactorily without my body always physically being in the office. especially since i don’t usually personally meet with those clients.

but, i know i can be just as efficient at home as i am in the office, though obviously not in traditional office hours (i.e. i work just as well in my opinion after Eli goes to bed until i go to bed as i do in the office from … say 3pm to 5pm).

but, i understand both sides of this argument. i understand that “face time” is important with my coworkers about certain projects. i understand that i need to be available for meetings, for emergencies, for website explosions.

i suppose this is my struggle. my burden. something that’s currently like a wet blanket tied around my body, over my eyes, weighing down my heart.

i feel obligated in too many places. i want to be available to my son almost as much, if not more, as i want to be available to my work (or even to my husband!).

i do believe i’m self-disciplined, self-motivated, and creative enough to work in a variety of environments, whether that be home in my pajamas or at a desk in an office.

i just know which one i want more.

i am tired of staring at the cake, salivating. i want permission to eat it, to enjoy it, to live the lifestyle i know is possible. i just know there are still many things holding me back—justin finishing school, income, insurance, taxes, self-promotion to get a business started. some of those things are easier than others, but they all intimidate me in different ways.

i’m an impatient person, and it’s hard for me to hear God say, “not yet.”

i get caught up wondering, “if not now, then when? ever?”

i don’t want to get complacent here. not when i know there’s more out there.

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8-25 wordless wednesday

8-25 my new bag!

8-25 wordless wednesday

8-25 wordless wednesday

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i have a confession—i could spend hours browsing etsy for absolutely no reason. i love to find unique things there, even if i never buy them. one of these days, i suppose i should start making treasuries of my favorite items and sharing them with you.

for today’s typography tuesday, i’m going to share some of the special, handmade examples of type-inspired-ness all themed around the word love.

why? because i like you.

of course, there is so much more out there on etsy, but i thought i’d share just a bit of what i enjoy. stay tuned for next week—i think there will be a tutorial! look out!

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