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January, 2010 Monthly archive

it was a lovely day of doing nothing, watching the snow fall, and observing the less intelligent residents of our townhouse complex attempt to drive. the men all had to play with their trucks in the parking lot, skidding their tires and pretending that if they spun their wheels faster, they’d somehow have the bigger testicles. it was amusing and sad. still, some people made it out.

we stayed home. ate stir fry. drank coffee. did laundry. walked the dog and took these photos. we had fun. we didn’t try to endanger other people on the roads out there. we didn’t try to show how amazing our two-wheel-drive honda fit was. we just enjoyed the snow and enjoyed the restful day God handed to us.

if you got out on the road, i suppose i should say good for you, but part of me thinks you really missed something.

1-30 dog's gotta go, regardless of the weather

1-30 the verdict

1-30 the verdict, part 2

1-30 the dog wants to stay outside

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baby things have started showing up in the mail lately … which is both adorable and relieving. i’ve already mentioned how i’ve started to stress a little about how there feels like there’s only a few weeks left and how unprepared i feel, but maybe a lot of that is emotional projection instead of simply physical preparedness. in some ways, i know there’ll be so much more we need, but at the same time, i’ve got the basics now and can really relax. God knows what He’s doing; He’ll take care of us and the new life that’s coming soon.

so soon!

anyway, here’s what’s currently starting to fill up the crib:

baby things 01

baby things 02

baby things 01

onesies, sleepers, flannel blankets, and adorable towels. then, there’s two really cute diapers that arrived in the mail, both from muttaquin baby. they’re newborn size, so they won’t fit for too long, but they’re all-in-ones with a hidden layer of PUL under the cute print … so i won’t have to cover up the patterns! in fact, the sushi print is totally becoming the coming-home diaper, even if i know it’ll just get peed and pooed in.

muttaquin baby all-in-ones fluffy mail

muttaquin baby all-in-one, insides

muttaquin baby all-in-one, grass giraffes print

muttaquin baby all-in-one, sushi print

here’s what i’m going to freezer paper stencil onto one of the newborn lap tees i got for christmas in order to make our newbie’s coming home outfit:

coming home outfit plans

perfect, right? of course it is … it’s japanese for “fresh.” heehee. i can’t wait!

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1-30 good morning, snow

1-30 good morning, snow

1-30 good morning, snow

1-30 good morning, snow

well, we got a blizzard in december and now we have another one in january. this morning, we woke up to a little over 4 inches, but it’s supposed to snow all day until after midnight. we’re expecting another foot of snow by tonight.

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nursery poster #3

i couldn’t go to bed without finishing my nursery wall series. here’s the last one—love. the background is the entire passage of 1 corinthians 13.

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nursery poster #1

here’s the first image: faith.

if we do end up getting snowed in this weekend (which, according to the weather service, there’s a chance we might), i know what i’ll be working on. supposedly, we might get 8-12″ of snow on saturday. i’m not holding my breath for that one, but the last time i didn’t believe the weather man, we got almost 13″ of snow (before Christmas) … so … we’ll see. apparently, my city spent its entire road-clearing budget on that snowstorm’s clean up. that may mean that roads stay buried for longer than last time.


at least this time we have a shovel and have been to the grocery store to stock the larders.

bring it (again)!

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nursery art #2

i’ve been mulling over the idea of creating 3 8.5×11 framed pieces for the nursery to hang above the crib. i was originally going to do six, but i figured that was a little ambitious, what with the sewing i still have to finish and everything. so, i settled on making three pieces that are related and are based off of 1 Corinthians 13:13, which is the last line from the love passage of 1 Corinthians 13.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

this print is obviously the middle one, hope. i didn’t intend to work out of order, but i’ve had the imagery for this one in my mind for almost the entirety of this week and i finally had to get it out of my head.

here it is.

two more to go … then i have to figure out where to go get them printed at.

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a little searching for inspiration on etsy again this afternoon. the bags are especially nice as i start to really consider a diaper bag.

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