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8/31, comfort food

8/31, comfort food

mmmmsushi. don’t worry, it’s all either cooked (eel) or veggie. fish is allowed in limited amounts, after all. besides … i don’t think that eels are top predators, consuming large numbers of helpless, mercury-filled lesser fish on a daily basis. compared to sharks and marlins, i have a feeling eels are a little bit safer on the aquatic food chain.

yesterday, i had my first migraine since i’ve been pregnant. it was rough because i couldn’t take anything. i went through the whole gamut of my usual symptoms—aura to numbness, numbness to throbbing pain. no, it’s not a stroke; it’s just my migraine symptoms. i’ve been suffering from migraines since college, possibly high school (i honestly don’t remember getting them in high school, but mom says i did miss school because of them). my symptoms have always been the same, and they tend to freak people out when i describe them (the numbness in my left hand and the left side of my face that happens after my aura fades and before the throbbing pain in the right side of my head begins).

i’ve read that numbness is uncommon, but it’s still a symptom. the best cure for me is always sleep, especially if i can fall asleep before i start throwing up. so far, i haven’t found medication that works 100% of the time.

maybe once the baby is born, i can suck it up and finally find a specialist.

i blame exhaustion from the move and a weekend of not sleeping well (hello relaxin. while you’re busy encouraging my body to loosen up my hip bones, could you lay off my aching lower back? plzkthnxbai). i may have been a little dehydrated from the heat, too. however, i’m confident the main trigger for my migraine was the shift in pressure from weather in the high 80s and 90s to weather in the 70s. that kind of drop of temperature signals high pressure, which smacks me with almost a guaranteed migraine every time. it’s worse in the winter, but, any major shift in weather is always doom for my poor brain.

i’ll admit, i was secretly hoping being pregnant would stave off migraines. i guess not. usually, my migraines main trigger is hormonal—that shift from estrogen to progesterone when i ovulate. from tracking my temperatures for the last three years (before i was pregnant to avoid pregnancy and conceive), i’ve come to know the nature of my migraines pretty well. however, now that i’m all progesterone all the time, i didn’t think i’d be subject to migraines as often, if at all. oh well. as long as they’re less common, i think i can survive.

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8-28, working lunch

8-28, working lunch

today’s lunch at my desk while hubby is moving our apartment was leftover katsudon (panko-coated pork, onions, egg, and sauce), rice, avacado with soy sauce and wasabi, and the last of the raspberries. so yummy. there’s a v8 there for later … mmmdrinkable veggies!

according to my hubby, everything big and difficult to move has already been moved into our new townhouse in Forest. nothing got too rained on, and they even managed to go pick up the futon! there’s a bunch of little things like dishes and stuff that still need moved, but we’re supposed to get some help from our neighbors and a few friends tomorrow … so, i’m not in that much of a rush to move all of that. the more help we have, the faster it’ll go, anyway. at least we’re just moving up the street—that means less crazy unpacking. i don’t think we really packed much at all, anyway. just threw some things in boxes, unloaded, and re-used the boxes. whee!

now, we just need someone to take our big blue couch and two bookshelves … otherwise, they’re going to Goodwill.

p.s. for those of you who want to know what kind of container i’m using for my lunch, you can find it here.

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10 Weeks

well, here i am at ten weeks. i totally feel as though i’ve gained way too much weight way too fast. i’ve already struggled with how i feel about my body and how much weight i’ve put on since college even before i was pregnant. this is probably the most difficult and vulnerable part for me—the changes my body is undergoing.

before i was pregnant, i was probably eating 1600 calories or less a day and not losing a pound. now, i’m probably still under 2000, even with my occasional snacks (usually fruit or a fiber granola bar or a cup of cottage cheese). i feel as though my body was just waiting for some excuse to make me even more miserable. i haven’t tried on my jeans in weeks; i know they won’t fit now. i’m afraid i’d cry.

sure, sure. the baby books all say, “it’s just fine to gain weight. you shouldn’t mind.” but i do mind. i mind so much. i don’t want to gain 60 lbs. i don’t even know if i want to gain 20. i’m definitely not one of those people who gets to stay tiny their whole pregnancy, only to have a basket ball under their shirt where their baby should be. apparently, i’m really going to go for the beached whale look next spring. i hope it’s fashionable … or at least, i hope that by then, i’m okay with it.

i just wish i could be okay with it now. i feel so uncomfortable in my skin when i see myself in the mirror, even though i know what an awesome little thing is growing and living inside. it’s not the baby, it’s me. i haven’t liked me or the way i look in years—possibly an entire decade.

it’s my fault for getting myself into a sedentary career and not forming a regular exercise schedule at all. i could exercise now, but part of me always falls into the “what’s the point?” line of thinking.



on an unrelated note to my personal self-pity wallowing, we’re moving today and tomorrow from our apartment to our new townhouse. most of today hubby and a friend are moving all the big stuff while i work here at the office. it’s pretty crazy, and our dog Yusuke is currently confused about why we’ve taken apart the bed so he can’t hide under it anymore or why there’s boxes everywhere or why we went through all the drawers this morning.

he just laid down on the quilt on our mattress this morning and looked so concerned. the new place has stairs, which he isn’t used to in the house (our apartment is on the second floor, but it’s only a one-story apartment). i’m curious to see where his new favorite spot will be once we get settled in the new place.

friday morning

lastly, as evidence as to why i shouldn’t be complaining about my weight, here is my high-quality breakfast this morning. fridays at the office are days when we take turns bringing in breakfast, so i can’t be blamed for donuts if it wasn’t my turn. chocolate soy milk, a kiwi, and a plain donut. (note: i had some raspberries and orange juice at home, so it’s not … so bad. right?)

anyway, i’ve got a better lunch of leftover katsudon, rice, avacado, raspberries, and a v8 later. so there.

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I’m in love with these mobiles. Honestly, I think they would be awesome above our baby’s crib. I love the simple colors. Any of the ones in her shop would be really amazing.

this one is also nice, too. her shop is full of nice things.

and, i kid you not, this hat is a requirement. it’s adorable. in case you wonder about it, yes, i would wear a matching hat. they’re that cute.

so, that’s my random etsy window shopping for the afternoon. i was waiting for my hubby to come pick me up from work, but he’s almost here now, so i should probably pack up and get ready to go.

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i’ve been working on the same furniture site for most of the week, give or take a break for some mad photoshoppin’ and other such quick projects. it can be a little brain-numbing at times, taking large photos and making them small for the web, then saving them with their product numbers. once you get past the first few and your list starts growing into the upper double-digits of furniture pieces, it gets a little daunting and time-consuming.

sometimes, when everything feels cluttered, it’s nice to just clear off my desktop and look at whatever image i’ve chosen to be underneath. i forgot i chose this nice beach. it’s so pretty. i could go for a walk on the beach about now …

although, my back is hurting (already, you ask? yes!) and my hips are kind of achy. i’ve moved on from the aching, tender chest into a more constant aching lower back. while these past ten weeks of pain have produced a need for a larger cup size (the world is a better place when your bra fits, let me tell you), i seriously doubt the back pain is going to produce anything but back pain until labor.

still, that’s something … right? right.

labor. i don’t want to think about that yet. i’m still on the fence about a few things (go granola natural or go for the awesome epidural?), but after seeing the little bean wiggle around yesterday, i’m so excited for the rest of the 29 weeks i have. (only 29? wow!)

p.s. 日本がお久しぶりと寂しいね。帰りたいな〜。

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well, it’s official. i’m definitely pregnant now—not to say i wasn’t official before, because i was … just … photographic evidence makes everything feel very, very, very real. it’s one thing to imagine you’re pregnant and it’s another thing to see the little baby wiggling around on the video screen at the doctor’s. that’s for sure.

hubby and i just went to my 10 week appointment and had our first ultrasound. the bean was really wiggly, moving around and waving its arms and legs. once it settled a little, it turned to face forward and we got this great shot:

oh, baby

the head is near the bottom, facing the “camera.” the jaw shows up as bright white. the little fists are under its chin, then the belly, and finally the little feet. it’s about 41.5mm from crown to rump, which is a good size! it was really wiggly at first, waving its arms and legs as if it wanted to say hi. i didn’t realise that it would move around so much already, but it totally did! we got to watch the chambers of its little heart beat separately. so fast.

it was pretty darn awesome. (that’s an understatement.)

according to hubby, we have a ham already. heehee. it’s still “the bean” to me, though.

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i’ve been photoshopping some images for a client today—editing out people and powerlines, creating glare, and replacing background images. it’s fun, but sometimes a challenge. i also ate lunch at my desk again today, since hubby is helping our landlord with some other properties around where we’ll be moving to.


here’s an example of what i’ve been working on. no, i have no idea what that girl is holding. is it a ball of kelp? a plant? an alien head? your guess is as good as mine, reallly. she seems pretty content with the mysterious object, however.

8-25, working lunch

8-25, working lunch

8-25, working lunch

8-25, working lunch

that was my snack and lunch today. before lunch, i had baby carrots and fresh cucumber from a friend’s garden. i’m usually not one for dipping, but i brought along some fat free ranch anyway. for lunch, i had leftover red thai curry with new potatoes, zucchini and yellow squash, onion, and chicken. the white rice was the last of my japanese rice; i’ll have to buy more before i make the katsudon i want to make this week. i also had cottage cheese; my curry was hot but not as spicy as i’d hoped.

i’ll probably eat a kiwi later.

that’s my lovely wacom intuos 3 in those photos. my favorite photo of hubby and i is also in the background—the black and white photo of our feet. i took it in colorado when i went to see my japanese friend Michiko get married. my hoops bobble head is solar-powered and oh so cute.

believe it or not, that’s the kind of sunlight i get in my office on days it’s not raining. it’s really great. i love my desk.

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